List of Biopsy Equipment Manufacturers in India, ​List of Biopsy Products, Punch, Accessories Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Exploring India’s Pioneers in Biopsy Equipment and Products
India’s healthcare landscape is marked by continuous innovation, especially in diagnostic and biopsy technologies. In this comprehensive guide, we present a curated list of the leading Biopsy Equipment Manufacturers and Biopsy Products, Punch, and Accessories Manufacturers and Suppliers across the country. Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking reliable sources or a medical facility looking to enhance your diagnostic capabilities, this compilation serves as your gateway to the latest advancements in biopsy technology in India. Join us as we delve into the names and profiles of these industry frontrunners committed to precision and excellence in healthcare.

St. Stone Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi
Biopsy Gun is a cutting semi-automatic Biopsy gun, Easy to install ,special fixation handle & provides a high success rate in punctures. Core needle is available, is convenient for operate under Buntrasonic or CT. Needle point with echo-enhancement for accurate positioning under ultrasound.
Biopsy Needle is a cutting semi-automatic bipsy needle, easy to operate , spring-loaded and obtain complete biopsies. Delta slot cutting is intended for cutting biopsies, marked by graduation on the external needle is convenient for depth reference. Core needle is available, is convenient for operate under Buntrasonic or CT.

Advin Urology – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
424-Maruti Plaza, 
Sardar Patel Chowk Road, 
Ahmedabad-382345, Gujarat

Jainsons (India) Regd. – Ambala, Haryana
Rampur Sarseri Road,
Azad Nagar, 
Ambala Cantt,
Haryana – 133001

Hebson Surgical Company – Bangalore, Karnataka
(Biopsy Curette, Biopsy Forceps)
Unit #2, A.V Bureaux, 99/A Margosa Avenue, Green Glen
Bellandur, Bangalore
Karnataka – 560103

P. K. Enterprises – Mumbai, Maharashtra
Lleading Wholesale Trader of jamshidi bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow biopsy needle, biopsy gun, auto disposable biopsy system, disposable biopsy system and facile trucut biopsy system from Mumbai, India.

Cardiomac India Pvt. Ltd. – Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
SYFTER Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument TRUCUT NEEDLE
We specifically design and produce the safest and most innovative devices which areavailable for the improvement of vascular access.​

Trivitron Healthcare – Chennai, Tamilnadu
​Upright Stereotactic System, MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table
Breast Biopsy Systems offer the most comprehensive and customized solution for every breast healthcare needs. This test is used to remove the tissues or fluids from the suspicious areas. Such removed cells are later examined for the presence of breast cancer. This diagnostic procedure can determine if the suspicious area is cancerous or not. As a breast biopsy system supplier, Trivitron’s portfolio includes everything from imaging equipment and breast biopsy devices to guidance systems, analysis software, and site markers all designed to work together

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Discover a comprehensive list of Biopsy Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Explore a wide range of Biopsy Products, Punches, and Accessories to enhance your medical practice.

From cutting-edge biopsy equipment to reliable suppliers, we’ve compiled the best in the industry to support your healthcare needs. Elevate your diagnostic precision and patient care with our curated list of options.

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