List of Bone Densitometer – DEXA Scan Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Explore a comprehensive list of top quality bone densitometer DEXA scan machine manufacturers and suppliers in India. Find reliable equipment and expert services for accurate bone density scanning solutions

(manufacturers of  Bone Densitometer Scanner)
Radimage Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. We are prominent Supplier and Trader of an exclusive and contemporary range of GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer, GE Senographe DMR Mammography Machine. We are one of the leading companies which do not only supply refurbished equipment but also offer complete Turnkey Solutions for every project which includes Project Planning, Location Layout, Apparatus Supply, Radiation Protection Plan, Installation, Warranty Support, Clinical Training, Tele-radiology and Post Warranty Support and so forth.

(manufacturers of  ​DEXA and Ultrasound Bone Densitometer)
​Aarna Systems and Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in Bone Health and Metabolic health in India. We offer DEXA and Ultrasound Bone Densitometer for a wide range of clinical and research applications. Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is considered the most highly developed and most thoroughly validated technique for assessing bone mineral density, according to the World Health Organization’s report on the “Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis.” It can help you diagnose osteoporosis, predict fractures, and monitor response to treatment.

(​manufacturers of  ​Bone Densitometer Whole Body Dexa)
​Bone densitometry equipment is an enhanced form of X-Ray technology to measure the bone mineral density (BMD). It uses a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body, such as the lower spine of hips in order to measure bone loss. Bone densitometry equipment available for sale is commonly used to diagnose Osteoporosis and the development of fractures. This simple, quick and non-invasive method is the most accurate way to diagnose Osteoporosis.

(manufacturers of  ​Refurbished & Pre-Owned BMD DEXA Scanner)
Innovation Meditech (P) Ltd. promoted by well experienced team of professionals having vast experience in the field of medical imaging equipment industry. We manufacture X-Ray & OPG machines under the name of VERTEX at our facility in Delhi/NCR. To support the same we have a team of well qualified & trained team of engineers to give prompt after-sales-service support. We also keep a good stock of spare parts at Our warehouse located at Delhi/NCR. Apart from sales of equipment we also provide the Service Contracts (AMC) at affordable cost. We are also engaged in the Quality Assurance (QA1 services as per AERB guidelines for all X-ray based equipments i.e. X-ray, Mammography, OPG etc. )

Looking for high-quality bone density equipment or DEXA scanners? Your search ends here. Our carefully curated list of top-notch Indian manufacturers offers advanced technology and precise solutions for bone health assessments. From reliable Bone Densitometer suppliers to innovative DEXA Scanner providers, find the best equipment for your needs.

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