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Discover leading PACS software manufacturers and suppliers in India. Find reliable solutions and quality providers in our comprehensive directory for your medical imaging needs

Allengers Infotech- Chandigarh
Allen PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)This software product helps you to manage your medical images and videos too, in a smarter way. We have designed this product in such a way that it manages, analyzes, reconstructs and communicates medical images and videos across your network.

ACG Infotech Limited – Delhi, New Delhi
Though many radiology equipments now a day come with their own Picture Archival and Communication System there are many reasons why one should use our PACS instead. Our PACS provides better tools for manipulating the DICOM images. It is fully integrated with the RIS of our product Electra HMIS and hence rules out any chance of incompatibility with other PACS. It facilitates the storage of the radiology images against the patients EMR details which provides precise data related to the date, time and condition of the patient pertaining to which the Diagnostic imaging was actually done . It provides easy access and manipulation of the radiology images and their reports

Shreeji Scan Services – Vadodara, Gujarat
Shreeji Scan Services, a company established by Technocrats having long experience in Medical Field. We have a team of qualified and experienced Electronics engineers, trained in our Principal’s factory, abroad as well as within our country.
Having more than a decade of experience in the medical arena, Shreeji Scan has now become the largest independent supplier of Refurbished Radiology equipments in western India.
Our team of qualified and experienced Electronic engineers are trained to provide service support up to latest 16-slice and 64-slice machines.

MedPac System Solutions India LLP – Bangalore
MedPac Systems is a product company started by IITian’s with a focus on Medical Imaging Systems and Storage. MedPac Systems MedPac Suite has been developed after years of research into hospital imaging needs and bandwidth constrains of Teleradiology. MedPac Systems MedPacSuite consists of a combination of PACS servers and Teleradiology gateways with network optimized data transmission. Modality Work list server seamlessly integrates the RIS/HMS with the PACS server making a paper less, film less hospital. The Built in RAID Storage makes sure that images are never lost and there is no down time. MedPacStation workstation can be used for dicom image viewing and 3D reconstruction.

Amrita Technologies – Kochi
Amrita PACS is the comprehensive Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), an end-to-end, enterprise grade application, developed by Amrita Technologies based on open source technologies and standards. Amrita PACS is a complete solution for film-less Radiology and fully integrated with DICOM 3.0 compatibility. Amrita PACS manages one of the largest online radiology database in the country with 20+ TB (Terabytes) of image archive in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala, India.

eFLow Solutions – Mumbai
eFLOW Solutions understand how challenging it is for our clients in the Healthcare Industry to derive business intelligence from operational and business data. Hence, we work closely with them in deciphering their business processes and the challenges they face in this data driven information age. With deep domain knowledge and singular focus, we have built a robust, feature rich suite of solutions to deliver value to the stakeholders of the healthcare industry worldwide.

Trivitron Healthcare – Chennai
15, IV Street, 
Chennai – 600 018

Avanttec Medical Systems Pvt Ltd – Chennai
Vepro’s PACS – ‘Picture Archiving & Communication System’ is the emerging technology in health care industry.
With Add on Modules such as VEPRO Archive Printer and DICOM Modality Worklist, complete Workflow is achieved.
With VEPRO Archive Printer; any non-imaging data such as ECG, TMT reports, PFT reports and reports (Radiology, Cardiology, Gastro, etc.,) are also archived along with other images of the patient. Hence this forms the “Complete Electronic Medical Record” of a patient.
​With integration of DICOM Modality Work-list; all the orders from the Information System is populated in the modalities, thus avoiding the duplication & errors in the patient data.

Tech Med Solution – Kolkata
PACS, or picture archiving and communication system, is a medical imaging technology. Teleradiology is a service to support the ‘radiology read’ for different radiology modalities. This system helps for storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing radiology images from various medical hardware modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound machines.
It can be integrated with third party systems for Digital Dictation, Transcription, Modality Work list etc. The software is highly customizable by the user, to suit their specific requirements and workflow. Our solution is ideal for small, medium & enterprise level of Diagnostic Centers & Hospitals with Radiology & Pathology. It can turn the dream of a paperless, integrated outpatient Diagnostic center into reality.