List Of Contrast Media and Injector Manufacturers and Suppliers In India

Explore a comprehensive directory of top contrast media and injector manufacturers and suppliers in India. Find trusted supplers providing quality products for your medical imaging needs

Anaecon India Health Care Private Limited
A-31, Naraina Industrial Area, 
Phase-I, Back Side Mezzanine Floor, 
New Delhi – 110028,

Eskay Fine Chemicals – Mumbai
Most of the formulation of microbar are used as oral contrast media for x-ray diagnosis of different parts of G. I. tract.
Two microbar products are specifically used for Opacifying G. I. tract. before the patients is subjected to C.T. scan procedure.
It is a very well known fact that development & improvement is a continuous process. By regular interaction with eminent radiologist, “ESKAY” has reached to a quality of wide acceptance for microbar, products. Hence “ESKAY” is now exporting all microbar products to more than 30 countries. Finely turned Microbar products are designed for the following purposes:

Arco Life Sciences – Nagpur
Being committed to the quality healthcare, we continue to develop specialized products, our Contrast Media range of products stands as an example. We are among the very few Indian companies to have launched and marketed various specialty products viz. X-ray & MRI contrast media products (Ionic & Non-ionic Iodinated contrast media) and many other specialty formulations.​

Trivitron Healthcare – Chennai
​(Gastrovideo, Lomeron, lopamiro, Kscan, Multihance, Sonovue​)
Contrast materials also known as contrast agents or contrast media are used to improve the quality of images produced by x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound. These substances temporarily change the way X-Rays or other imaging tools interact with the body. Contrast materials help distinguish the selected areas of the body from the surrounding tissues. With this improvisation in the visibility, a better diagnosis can be carried out.

Novalek Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. – Hyderabad
​Contrast Media is the key strategic area of Novalek. Our portfolio includes a wide range of contrast media products which help the medical professionals to diagnose some life threatening diseases. Our efficient teams of professionals develop new products and manufacture these Contrast Media Agents which produce effective images of organs of people being diagnosed around the world.

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